In a throwback to the sort of headlines that we thought were ruining the world back in 2014, the Legalise Cannabis Party has put forward a new bill and you’ll never guess what it’s for.

Having the small amount of political power usually reserved for medium level donors and yacht owners who have a mate at the council, the Legalise Cannabis Party have won over voters with what is surely a complex and vast set of policies.

After approximately 314 hours of primary and secondary research, The Betoota Advocate can confirm that the Legalise Cannabis Party has put forward a bill to legalise cannabis.

In problem countries such as The Netherlands and our biggest ally the USA, cannabis is legal, meaning overseas chapters of the Legalise Cannabis Party can focus on their other big issues.

“Our next bill will be to legalise cannabis,” stated Legalise Cannabis leader, Legalise Cannabis, who changed his name as part of a voting competition.

“Once that’s done we will definitely do something about the cost of living crisis, especially regarding the price of a packet of chips these days.”

At the time of writing, it is unclear what the Legalise Cannabis party intends for Australians to do with legal cannabis but have suggested it will soon become the public’s favourite way to pay tax.


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