News consumers and readers in the country of Australia have this week been made aware of an interesting fact.

The general public have been informed that a woman who made her name from inherited wealth and shows disdain for pretty much every single person who isn’t an athlete that shuts up and swims – apparently thinks she has a pretty good public image.

This comes as Gina Rinehart ups the ante on the push to have a portrait of her taken down from the walls of the National Gallery of Australia (NGA).

Rinehart hit the headlines earlier this week by demanding the portrait painted by acclaimed Western Aranda artist Vincent Namatjira, be taken down.

The NGA and the artist have stood firm, with Namatjira saying “I paint the world as I see it.” 

Furious at people not doing what she demands, Rinehart has now stepped it up.

The richest woman in Australia who generously donates the tiniest fraction of the wealth she gets from ripping our national resources out of the ground for next to nothing, has decided to lean on Queensland’s swimming team boss to call for the portrait to be taken down.

That fresh call has of course resulted in the image of a woman who refused to apologise for her father’s comments calling for Indigenous Australians to be sterilised, receiving even more attention.

That attention has also drawn the realisation that a woman who inherited a mega resources empire from a father who advocated for genocide, who repeatedly calls the nation a bunch of bludgers, pays fuck all tax, demands grants from the government and rolls Prime Ministers who tried to implement action on climate change over 15 years ago – actually thinks a portrait makes her look bad.

It’s unknown if any of her kids who she tried to defraud have had a conversation with her about the issue, but it’s believed her beloved Barnaby Joyce may be trying to talk a bit of sense into her.

More to come.


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