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The Show Off

The Show Off - The Week in Entertainment


The two headline hounds of Australian media finally join forces to bring you a breakdown of what to watch this week! Join PEDESTRIAN and The Betoota Advocate every Thursday for chats and savage swipes at anything you’ve missed, and everything you give a shit about, in the crazy world of entertainment.



A podcast series from the Betoota Advocate that breaks down, explains and decodes Australian politics in the lead up to the 2022 Federal Election.

The Betoota Advocate Podcast’ on DM Podcast Network


A mainstay on Desert Rock FM 96.5, Clancy Overell and Errol Parker, editors of the explicitly raw but iconic Outback Australian newspaper known as The Betoota Advocate have been bringing the news to the residents of the town for years.

The Betoota Interview Podcast
Every week our Editors Errol Parker and Clancy Overell sit down and interview a different interesting and topical guest. Reporting fiercely, without fear or favour, the two editors cover a healthy mix of local, national and international news.

The Betoota Weekly Bulletin
A collection of the top stories for the week from around the shire, the country and the world as reported in the Betoota Advocate. Presented by Cadet Wendell Hussey, with colour commentary by Errol and Clancy. Includes top audience comments.

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Daily Betoota’ on the DM Podcast Network


In the age of the 24 hour news cycle and amidst ‘these uncertain times,’ things are changing rapidly and there’s always something going on. So, in an effort to keep the people of the Channel Country (and podcast listeners around the nation) informed, the Betoota Advocate will be releasing daily news bulletins at the end of every weekday to keep you in the know. So wherever you are in the world, make sure you tune in to get your dose of honest, hard-hitting regional news in a short, bite-sized audio update.

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