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In some news that proves that fashion trends have a funny way of coming full circle, it can now be confirmed that the best way to figure out if a man the marrying kind, is to take a look at his feet, it’s reported.

Though the idea that women were scandalised in the 18th century for showing ankle has been exaggerated to some degree, the strict dress codes of the times encouraged women to cover their legs and ankles in fabric, as baring them was considered ‘indecent and suggestive’ – in fact, to ‘bare’ was to declare you may be of dubious moral virtue.

Speaking to Moira Henderson, a fashion history professor at Betoota Polytechnic University, The Advocate learns that the quickest way a modern woman can determine if a man is a rake, is to take a leaf out of the Victorian’s book – by determining how much ankle he is showing.

“If he wears boat shoes, loafers or moccasins without a sock in sight, he’s a man of the night”, confirms Henderson, “especially when paired with rolled up chino pants.”

“But the opposite is also true”, she goes on to explain, “a calf sock suggests a man is happily taken, which is why you often see middle aged dads with socks halfway up their legs.”

“It’s like counting rings on a tree. The higher the sock, the longer the man has been married.”

Henderson says the sweet spot is to find a man rocking some ankle socks or a modest mid calf.

“If it’s below the shin, you’re in.”

More to come.


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