A local micro influencer is reeling from a follower exodus this week after publicly announcing she’s about to become the most insufferable person on Instagram.

Despite the cost-of-living crisis rinsing the wallets of most local people, Mackenzie O’Halloran (28) is believed to be one of the few people in town who’s got the cash to afford a trip to Europe.

Not content with announcing her “Europe era” with a photo from the Brisbane departure lounge, Mackenzie has reportedly kicked off her content schedule a little early, as she fishes for some schmuck to offset her rent while she suns herself in Positano.

So in exciting news for anyone in town who needs a bed for an incredibly specific time frame, Mackenzie has announced her bedroom is free from the 3rd until the 25th of June.

“PSA: ROOM FOR RENT”, Mackenzie posted, with a chic black and white photo of her tiny room that sits under some mouldy stairs in a French Quarter share house.

“Avails from 3rd to 22nd June. Great location. Make me an offer!”

Hoping to bank a sweet $1500 from anyone of her 3,492 followers, Mackenzie followed up her room reveal with a photo of her two flatmates and her cat.

“You can live with these legends!” she added to her story, uploading a shot of two stoned housemates just trying to watch an episode of Heartbreak High in peace.

“And you can cat sit my little siamese Pepper, the room would suit an animal lover!”


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