Australia’s richest woman is this week embroiled in a battle with the National Gallery of Australia (NGA).

Famous for aggressively demanding what she wants whenever she wants it, Gina Rinehart has recently taken issue with the portrait of her hanging in the NGA.

The notably vain billionaire who inherited an eye-watering amount of wealth from her father who called for Indigenous Australians to be poisoned, has now demanded the portrait painted by the acclaimed Western Aranda artist Vincent Namatjira be taken down.

Famous for his quirky style of painting, Namatjira is known as a ‘satirical chronicler of Australian identity’ whose “paintings offer a wry look at the politics of history, power and leadership from a contemporary Aboriginal perspective.”

The Archibald prize winning artist has used his unique style to paint notable figures from the Queen to Slim Dusty, usually to pretty good receptions.

However, Gina Rinehart has now set her sights on Namatjira and his work, furiously telling the NGA to pull the portrait from their walls.

The demand to pull the photo she didn’t want people to see has seemingly had the opposite effect, with plenty of people who were unaware of the work now becoming very aware of its presence.

So, in an effort to ensure that good art is shared around the country, please enjoy this portrait of Gina that she so desperately doesn’t want people to see.



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