Local inner-city leftie Simon Mitchell (29) has been spotted diligently carrying a Penguin Classic novel with him at all times, just in case he gets recognized on the bus by an acquaintance.       

Simon, a self-proclaimed bookworm and progressive politics enthusiast, has become somewhat of a fixture on public transportation, where he can often be found immersed in the pages of his favorite books,  but not just any books, penguin classic books, the ones only sophisticated people enjoy.

Simon hopes that if he keeps catching the bus and choosing to read a book instead of going on his phone, eventually someone he knows will spot him and he will be able to live out his dream of pretending to be startled by someone saying hello while reading a book and having to explain what book he’s reading because they’ve probably never heard of it even though it’s “an absolute classic”.

“It’s all about maintaining the illusion of intellectual superiority,” said Simon.

“You never know who you might run into on the bus , a former classmate, a colleague, or even an ex-girlfriend. And when that happens, it’s my time to shine”


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