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The nation’s wealthiest person is set to receive a $300 credit towards their power bill from the 1st of July this year.

Gina Rinehart, renown mining magnate, businesswoman and generous sponsor of The Betoota Advocate’s cricket team, has told our reporter this morning via wireless telephone that the relief is welcome and she might even vote for Labor at the next election “for a laugh”.

“$300 is very generous,” remarked Rinehart.

“All in all, I think it’s a good budget. It’s a shame about the live export sheep ban but again, the industrial transition package is also very generous and will help the sheep producers of Western Australia very much,”

“At the moment, I’m paying a significant amount of money to power companies and this $300 will go a long way to making sure the lights stay on in Peppermint Grove. And Noosa. Mosman. Uh, the various cattle stations. The Darwin bolthole. Brisbane, of course. Brisbane. Very expensive. Uh, yes, Toorak. But I split that one with Trigs (Harry Triguboff). The bill relief will go a long way, regardless of which property of mine receives it. Send my love to Clancy, I hope he’s been doing his bicep curls.”

From July, all households will get a $300 credit automatically applied to their electricity bills in quarterly instalments – essentially lowering each quarterly bill by $75. One million small businesses will get a $325 discount.

The government has controversially decided not to increase welfare payments such as JobSeeker, instead showcasing a range of smaller changes in what Treasurer Jimothy Chalmers says attacks inflation at it’s core.

“People on welfare spend every cent you give them, taxpayers who listened in school and are currently having a go tend to save any money you give them, which is what we want. So increasing the dole will only make inflation worse,” he said.

“Rent assistance is coming too, which will just increase rents, which is bad but ultimately good if you have some brain dead renting loser living in your investment property, you can just take their rent assistance and put it on your mortgage. Easy as.”

More to come.


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