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If you haven’t been paying attention to the Instagram stories of the chicks from your hometown who amassed a large social media following through posting softcore pornography after high school, it’s Australian Fashion Week!

Even as the Treasurer spends the last two days outlining a new Federal Budget aimed at providing much-needed relief to for Australians in a catastrophic cost-of-living crisis, the nation’s fashion designers have revealed that there are new styles of clothing that you should be buying right now.

And don’t bother waiting until you’ve got a bit more cash to throw at a decent outfit, because fashion is seasonal, which means this stuff will be irrelevant in 6 months.

Get it now before this new style ends up in the back of someone’s closet, waiting for an ironic return in 15 years time.

Or in a skip bin, waiting to be turned into landfill.

However, despite the economic downturn, Sydney is putting on the best show it can right now. One thing that seems to be popular this year is slightly see-through full-length dresses with baroque patterns.

And it wouldn’t be Australian Fashion Week without the celeb-spotting.

The closest thing our country will ever get to ‘courtside at the Lakers’ is the who’s who of the runway front row.

If you thought Australia was facing an extreme celebrity deficit that depends solely on Mark Wahlberg and Ryan Gosling coming here to film Hollywood movies with state government tax breaks, you were wrong!

Because there are droves of hip young TV stars playing on their phones as Australia’s up and coming models strut their stuff in some of Australia’s up and coming fashion labels.

While most of these celebrities can only be found on free-to-air broadcasts of outdated soap opera formats, their international profile is undeniable amongst England’s elderly day-time TV audiences.

Someone said they even saw a couple of former MAFS contestants, who were obviously attempting to keep a low profile.

Sydney hasn’t hosted this many blacked out SUVs since the NSW Police launched the anti-terrorism blitz known as Operation Hammerhead!


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