Patrons at a bustling Chinatown food court have found themselves ducking for cover as the elderly matriarch behind the counter shattered the sound barrier with her lightning-fast number calling skills.

Mei Lau (77), the small yet formidable figure presiding over the famous ‘Eating House Food Court ‘, a local favourite, has become a local legend for her unparalleled ability to bellow out order numbers at a volume that sends shockwaves through the city.

Witnesses describe her technique as a cross between a foghorn and a sonic boom, capable of piercing through the endless sounds of clattering dishes and lively chatter with ease.

It seems as though Mrs.Lau’s vocal power knows no limits, with her voice reportedly reaching decibel levels previously thought impossible for a woman of her age.

As the lunch rush reaches its peak and Mrs.Lau’s vocal cords reach their breaking point, one thing is clear – in the loud chaotic centre of Chinatown, where silence is a luxury, customers can remain confident they won’t miss hearing their order number.


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