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Everyone’s favourite show about soft core regency era filth is back for season three, and keeping to its current theme of showing wildly inaccurate sex scenes without a single body hair in sight.

Dropping the first four episodes last night, which follows the friends to lovers story arc of wallflower Penelope Featherington, and a newly returned Colin Bridgerton, the show certainly didn’t hold back with its several threesome scenes, some cunning linguists and a cheeky finger bang in a carriage.

But of course, for anyone watching the show who knows even the slightest bit about regency era hygiene, it’s best to probably forget that any bloke visiting a brothel in the 1800s would most certainly pick up some dick eating disease, which would then be passed onto their poor, unsuspecting wife, or that contracting one of the three  very common gynaecological problems (thrush, BV and UTI’s) would not only be extremely uncomfortable but even result in death!

Not to mention the abhorrent dental hygiene, with most people’s teeth being in quite a sorry state. If they had any left, that is.

Oh well, probably best not to think about it.

More to come.


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