With just a month to go until the referendum, some Australians are looking forward to promoting/blocking a small change in our constitution while many more are just looking forward to this whole horrible back-and-forth ending.

One good thing that has come from this head vice of a discourse is a chance to cull all the pricks you’re friends with on social media.

So effective has the voice discussion been at getting racists, bigots and general nongs to out themselves for free, many social media users have claimed it is the best social cull material since the vaccine roll out.

“Last time I got rid of the ‘do your own research’ people and this time I’m getting rid of the ‘I can’t be arsed doing research’ people,” stated Betoota social media user Faith Keith who as a Millennial uses Facebook out of a ‘we’re stuck with it’ mentality like QWERTY keyboards or coal.

“Not to sound classist, I don’t think anti-vaxxers are all stupid racists, just that if you’re stupid enough to be an anti-vaxxer then you’re definitely dumb enough to be a racist.” 

“I mean, there’s a reason Nazi Doctor is a job that only exists in history; smart people don’t feel the need to be racist.”

“Not that I think I’m smart enough to be a doctor but enrol me in medical school at the same time as a no voter and see who graduates first.”

According to Keith, this latest divisive issue has caused her to pick off another mixed dozen of ex-colleagues, distant relos and a former classmate who is still proud of the reputation they have around town.

“I’m not even voting yes to for the voice anymore, I am voting yes to cancel out that stupid, ignorant, podcast starting racist’s fucking vote.

Not Andrew Bolt’s vote, not Dutto’s, not the dickbrains in the comment section but the votes of that animated piece of shit I went to school with. His vote is not counting for shit.”



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