A local rugby league fan has today revealed to The Advocate that he’s had ‘a bloody nough.’

The sparky on a unionised major construction site in town, told us that he can’t believe these entitled NRL players.

Derrick Derrickson (34) said it’s time for these sooky NRL players to get a bit of a reality check.

“Fuck me, these blokes can come and join us on the tools if it’s so bad,” said the owner of a $160,000 ute.

“All this sooking about wages is pretty on the nose if you ask me,” explained the man whose entire site shut down a few months ago because the pie warmer in the smoko room broke.

Derrickson said these entitled players can come and do a days work on the building site, seemingly unaware that if they did, most would probably earn much more than their current gigs.

His comments come as the negotiations between the Rugby League Player’s Association and the NRL/ARL heat up over the Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA).

Players have been told not to conduct interviews outside Monday and Tuesday, and are refusing to allow things like access to the dressing rooms.

They won’t be engaging in pre-match, half-time and post-match interviews as part of the boycott – depriving the world of their nightly dose of cliches.

The demands centre around lifting wages back to the pre-spicy cough levels, establishing an injury hardship fund (aka workers comp which all industries have), medical support fund, a greater share of the revenue and greater ownership of the players and their data.

Negotiations have broken down, with the media typically taking the side of the establishment and complaining about the bratty players not giving them the access they want.

Derrickson who claims to hate the media has weirdly agreed with the media on the portrayal of NRL players as entitled brats, despite the minimum wage being $120,000 for men and $34,000 for women.

“So what if the average career spans 43 games and most blokes come out with fucked bodies,” said Derrickson.

“They’re paid a million bucks a year to play sport,” continued the man who thinks everyone is on Munster money.

“Brats. Come and work on site,” finished the fan who pulled in 240k last year.


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