The Fox Sports studios have witnessed quite a hectic production meeting this morning, after being faced with another PR crisis.

Producers of the show NRL360 have been forced to discuss a major reshuffle, after noted loud mouth Paul Kent decided to embarrass himself on the weekend.

The ‘journalist’ and pundit who prides himself on attacking players for not showing enough class and behaving poorly off the field, has been forced to take a leave of absence from the show after gracefully head-butting a tree root on Saturday evening.

This comes after Kent and the rugby league community woke up on Sunday morning to an extremely embarrassing video being circulated on social media, which saw the ‘rugby league personality’ being very aggressive towards a bloke out the front of a venue in Sydney’s Balmain peninsula.

Featuring highlights which involved what looks like Kent taking his watch off before lunging at a man and then being upended onto a tree root like some kid trying to do a tumble turn – the video has seen Kent enter the concussion protocol at Fox Sports.

The other man in the video has been charged with affray, despite looking like he was trying to avoid being punched in the head.

The stand down comes a few months after Paul Kent suspiciously disappeared from NRL360 after being charged, and subsequently found not guilty of assaulting and choking a woman.

Kent then returned to 360 for the NRL Las Vegas opener last month, with nothing said about where the morally up-righteous TV host had been.

He immediately returned to what he does best, by running down players for their attitude, behaviour and off field activities.

It’s unknown how long Kent will be in the concussion protocol for, but it’s believed the number one topic on 360 tonight will be the attitude of Latrell Mitchel and Jarome Luai.

More to come.


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