Hospitality entrepreneur Justin Hemmes, has today begun rolling out increased safety measures outside one of his popular inner-west restaurants.

This comes after Fox Sports journalist and half-baked shock jock Paul Kent did himself a bit of mischief on the nature strip parallell to Totti’s Rozelle.

In the most recent late night ‘Kentcident’ – it appears that the drunken NRL reporter decided against all better judgement and took part in a late street fight in front of a dozen everyday punters who had their cameron phones turned on.

In even worse news for Kent, he appears to have come off second best in this melee by a long shot, after being flung into a cartwheel and finding himself upside down against a paperbark tree on the quiet backstreets of a rather civilised harbourside suburb.

In scenes messier than the nearby Rozelle Interchange, Kent had also made a big song and dance about taking off his watch before inevitably being out-muscled by an everyday bloke, and ending up on his head. In turn, becoming the first man to end up in a life or death situation at an Italian family restaurant since season 6 of the Sopranos.

Subsequently, the entire rugby league world awoke to the viral footage of the firebrand reporter behaving in a far more problematic manner than the 20-something NRL players that he’s made a career out of berating and belittling.

One man who was deeply troubled by the footage was the owner of the venue next door to the pub that Kent had been drinking at.

Billionaire Justin Hemmes says that he never envisioned hosting golden oldie boxing matches when he first began fitting out the restaurant several years ago.

“This isn’t what I wanted” said Hemmes.

“But this suburb has 25 pubs, so you’re eventually going to end up dealing with an jilted NRL reporter who played one match for Parramatta in 1989”

“I’ve put two Red Frogs volunteers on the door in case this ever happens again. Even morons deserve to get home safe without getting themselves hip-tossed into local plantlife”

Other harm prevention measures Hemmes has considered implementing to keep NRL reporters safe is the possible installation of playground standard rubber treading on the footpaths outside his venue, as well as mattresses ducted taped to any nearby trees.


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