With State of Origin rapidly approaching, the first selection bombshell has already hit the papers.

In what comes as exciting news for the masses of Rugby League fans who love to spend endless hours debating team selections and what they would do if their life was wildly different and they were State of Origin coaches, the new NSW Origin coach has dropped a massive shock.

Michael ‘Madge’ Maguire, the man in charge of the Blues inevitable failure this year, has revealed that he’s strongly considering a selection BOLTER.

The former Tigers and Bunnies coach has confirmed to The Advocate that he is set to hand a Rozelle Paperbark Tree its Origin Debut.

This comes after a massive performance over the weekend on its home turf.

Making headlines all along the Eastern Seaboard, the Rozelle Paperbark Tree, who goes by the name of Melaleuca Quinquenervia, burst into Origin contention after putting on a highlights pack worthy shot on NRL pundit Paul Kent.

Famous for talking shit about players like like he’s got any sort of moral compass, the sports culture wars warrior was absolutely folded by the tree after trying to take a hit up on Saturday night.

The huge shot from the tree has seen it suspended for the next 6 weeks, but that hasn’t deterred Michael Maguire.

With huge questions about who will be playing on his edge back row this year, Maguire confirmed that if the Paperbark Tree can stay fit it will be an automatic pick for the Blues.

In desperate need of some bark and bite it will be the first time the Blues have selected a player from the Myrtaceae team.

More to come.


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