The Australian Cricket team are today celebrating another victory in the Ashes.

After a see saw Day 4 in the 3rd Test, the Aussies have decided to just feel like they won the match.

The relatively low scoring affair did technically see the English win by 3 wickets on paper, however that hasn’t gotten in the way of Australian celebrations.

Following on from England feeling like they won the first two test matches, Australia has now just decided to feel like it won this most recent test match.

The feeling based win for Australia has thankfully seen the English keep their toys in the cot, with no tantrums about the spirit of cricket required.

“It feels good to be able to just choose when you feel like winning,” explained Australian Captain Pat Cummins.

“And really, if we actually just got Woakes out earlier and then dismissed Wood quickly, Robinson would not have scored any runs.”

“So we actually would have won if we did that,” explained the adversary of a team that can pin point how they could have won every game.

TECHNICALLY the current Ashes scorecard reads 2-1 to Australia with two matches to go.

However, on a feelings basis, the English are actually winning 2-1.

It’s unknown who is going to feel like winning the remaining two tests, with the fourth Test at Old Trafford kicking off Wednesday next week.

More to come.


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