New Zealand’s political landscape looks set for quite a shake up this year, with an outsider being tipped to take over the country’s books.

Facing down a 10 million dollar deficit after a tough couple of years, the current government has today decided to call in the big guns.

And, as the lay of the land currently lies, the biggest gun in New Zealand is Tim.Naki or Tim Meyers as his legal name appears.

Famous on the internet, Meyers is self described ‘degenerate’ who has risen to fame off the back of his gambling.

Starting out 80 or so days ago, the extremely New Zealand looking man began betting 10c on Blackjack for every follower he had on Instagram.

Now up to 1 million followers, Meyers is dropping 100k on blackjack games, assumably feeling something very few people every have before.

Meyers is now up 500k after what he says was a few very lucky days, and has to straddle between finding online operators and casinos to take the full amount of money he wants to wager.

While many are asking if this extreme gambling will all end in tears, given he is just a Calgary man and not backed by an intergenerational family empire worth billions – it appears a way out may have just appeared.

“Yeah, Tum’s bun chucked un the mux to run thu books for us, eh?” said Prime Minister Christopher Luxon.

“Mate, just off thu beck of hus own money, hus bun able to make like 5% of our deafesut.”

“Emagine what he cud do wuth thu whole governmunt coffers.”

It’s unclear how exactly Meyers will able to manage the books, but there’s speculation that he may need to withdraw a large chunk of money from the Bank Of New Zealand and head to international black jack pastures.


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