A prominent member of the South Sydney rugby league community has woken up today in the same foul mood as the vast majority of his fellow Rabbitohs supporters.

Craig Bredley (46) has followed his NRL team through the lowest of lows (1999) and the highest of highs (2014).

But last night’s news, which comes as the club approaches the tenth anniversary of the glorious ‘Goanna Premiership’ has taken him to one of the lower lows.

This follows the South Sydney Rabbitohs confirmation of the departure of head coach Jason Demetriou, effective immediately.

Craig says that after the slump they’ve had this season, a drastic change like this only makes him more fed up.

“What can you do I spose” says Craig.

“Damned if you do, damned if you don’t. A lot of things need to change but nobody wants their team to change coaches mid season. Shame job”

The Rabbitohs announced Demetriou’s termination in a statement, saying that a “less-than-satisfactory series of results over the 2023 and 2024 seasons” had led to the mid-season decision to go in a “new direction with its coaching”.

Ben Hornby, another protege of the iconic ex-Rabbitohs Wayne Bennett, who’s shoes nobody has ever been able to fill – from Ivan Henjak to Steve Price to Demetriou – is set to take charge of the side as interim head coach.

However, as Craig makes clear, Rabbitohs fans are an optimistic bunch.

“Look we’ve been out of the comp before. We won like 40 wooden spoons when fletch was captain. This isn’t as bad as it’s been for us poor Bunnies fans”

“And if I’m honest. This is really the best time it could’ve happened. We all know that nobodies getting past the Broncos or Penrith. 2024 will be the same as 2023”

But Craig says there’s another silver lining to this capitulation. One that actually brings him joy.

It’s the fact that his mortal enemy, NewsCorp shock jock Paul Kent, has been stood down from Fox League indefinitely and has no platform to offer to some fuckwit opinion on all this.

“It brings me great relief that Kenty can’t offer his opinion on all this”

“Nobody needs to hear what that halfwit has to say anyway. But I really am enjoying this”

“And he’s done to himself. How the hell can a 54-year-old white man get himself in that much trouble in the inner-west on a Saturday night. Jeez imagine if it was Latrell or Cody playing up like that. What an absolute clown he is. Suck shit I say. Glory glory to south fucking Sydney”


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