The Matildas hysteria is at feverpitch, as Australia rallies behind our girls in the green and gold at the business end of the 2023 FIFA Womens World Cup.

Australia faces Denmark in the found of 16 in Sydney tonight, with trains expected to be packed from all ends of the Harbour City – as millions of revitalised soccer fans emerge from the caves they have hidden in since Aloisi was tearing up for the Socceroos in 2006.

Denmark sealed their place as second in Group D and locked in a date with Australia after defeating Haiti 2-0 on Tuesday night – as England finished took out number one after putting a 6-1 hiding on China.

This followed the Matildas pumping Canada 4-0 in Melbourne on Monday, taking first place in Group B and sending the Canucks back to Snow Mexico.

With whispers of Sam Kerr returning to the fold will now be putting the fear of a higher being into the Danish, as it is lost on nobody that the 29-year-old Perth gun has the ability to win matches on her own – let alone as part of a team that just put 3 unanswered points on the reigning Olympic champs.

The hype surrounding our beloved Tillys is now at the point where previously un-engaged Australian citizens are now talking about their own history in association football.

Or in the case of the grandparents, pop is talking on nans behalf, because she’s far too humble to mention her own brushes with sporting greatness.

“Ya know your grandmother had quite a boot on her back in the day” says pop, who like millions of other Australians, is now soccer mad.

“Back then of course the sheilas had to play on a pitch of gravel to make sure the mens oval didn’t getting too much action. But she could certainly send them”

“The ball was usually a plucked echinda hide stuffed with spent grain fibres. Girls have it a bit easier nowadays. I reckon your grandmother coulda been out there with them 50 years ago.”

Pop sighs as Nan nods along shyly.

“The boots really do look like they make a difference don’t they love?” he says.

“You’d have looked like Sam Kerr if they had boots back then”


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