The United States’ National Football Team has today re-affirmed its commitment to gender equality – by making a strong statement at the FIFA World Cup.

Their women’s team has this week followed in the footsteps of their male counterparts, by packing their bags and exiting the tournament in the Round of 16.

The huge statement comes a year after the US playing group famously negotiated an equal pay agreement – which saw the female players paid the same amount as the men for national duty.

The outcome was achieved by both the male and female groups agreeing to pool together things like World Cup prize money, and divide the pay equally.

That landmark agreement stirred up the neckbeards and the casual misogynists, who refused to acknowledge that the agreement was driven by the men’s team, as well as the women’s team.

While it continues to make people on the internet salty to this day, it was hoped by many athletes and aspiring athletes that the agreement would be replicated around the world – allowing 50% of the population a chance to play sport at a professional level.

Although the activism from the US Women’s team has had an overwhelmingly positive impact on the sport (meaning only a handful of teams have to crowdfund or pay their own way to play in a tournament that has sold nearly 2 million tickets and generated billions of views), it has unfortunately meant that the US Women’s team has regressed back to the quality of the men’s team.

After winning the last two World Cups for their nation, the unpatriotic American hating women’s were bundled out on penalties against Sweden last night.

Perfectly scripted for blokes who hate the idea of women playing sport and weren’t watching anyway, talismanic figure Megan Rapinoe skied her penalty.

Despite playing like 30 minutes across the whole tournament, that was enough for people who don’t watch the game but have a vested interest in it, to blame her entirely for the US loss.

The fallout has since been as expected, with people claiming the loss was a result of the woke ideals of feminazis and man/woman haters like Rapinoe – not the fact they played the Number 3 ranked team in a tournament where the standard of football has lifted significantly across the board.

Regardless of the internet fallout, the result has been hailed as a symbolic one for equality.

More to come.


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