Vinnies stores around the country have been flooded with Adidas Sambas this morning as Australia’s Gen Z girlies mourn the death of their favourite shoe.

Once labelled “The It Girl’s Favourite Sneaker” by Vogue magazine, Adidas Sambas have been on a heater as of late, enjoying a golden run as a fashionable bit of footwear.

After being spotted on the feet of celebrities like Kendall Jenner, Bella Hadid and Kaia Gerber, it felt like nothing could stop the popularity of the slim, low-profile silhouette, that is being referred to as the ‘London Rat Shoe’, because there’s always one a few metres away.

However The Advocate can exclusively report that the sneakers are “officially done”, after they appeared on the feet of UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak in a super boring Instagram video about his tax policies.

Worse still, the clearly brand spanking new shoes appeared to be a PR team led strategy to revamp Rishi as some kind of cool, approachable street-friendly PM, and not an Oxford University educated nerd worth £730 million.

Speaking to some local it girls, it’s believed many will be dumping their Sambas at op-shops around Betoota this week.

“I’m so devastated, I literally bought the all white yesterday,” local DJ and TikTok influencer Freya Fred-Againé told our reporter.

“That was my fourth pair and now they’re about as fashionable as my old purple skinny jeans from Jay Jays.”

With the Adidas Samba now firmly back in the Dad shoe category, and not the ironically cool kind, pundits are making bets on which silhouette will be next to score a Y2K glow up.

“We’re already seeing Hokas and the ON Cloudmonster enjoy a revival, but it’s never easy to pick which old-school classic is primed for a comeback,” says Dr Peter Platypus, a professor in sneaker history from Betoota Polytechnic College.

“Personally I’m gunning for the Dunlop KT-26s to get paid their dues, we just need to get them on the feet of Zendaya and they’ll be running out the door!”

More to come.


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