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An absolute sesh gremlin has this week been accused of lying by omission, after an overdue visit to the dentist saw his extracurricular activities on full display, it’s reported.

Arriving at the Betoota Ponds Dentistry at 9:15am this morning, the routine check and clean saw Josh Riley, 25, being diagnosed with a case of ‘bruxism’ – a grinding and gnashing of teeth that typically happens during sleep.

However in Josh’s case, it can be attributed less to stress, and more so his weekend substance abuse.

“Hmm, you’ve got a lot of wear and tear in your back teeth, ”his dentist had mused, poking a small mirror around the back of Josh’s mouth, “you must grind your teeth in your sleep.”

 “Do you have a lot of stress and anxiety?”

Josh remarked that yes, he does, but mostly just on Tuesdays.

More to come.


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