NOTHING IS WRONG: After hiding away for 6 months behind keyboards, the No Camp has finally began rallying supporters in public, as they begin work to seduce must-win battleground states into joining their campaign to abolish any prospect self-determination of Indigenous people.

This follows the images that show hundreds of thousands of Australians march the across the nation on Sunday in support of the Indigenous Voice to Parliament. In response, the No campaign has had to scramble together their own rally of vocal opponents.

Hundreds of angry boomers filed into the Adelaide Convention centre, where they giggled to the speakers making off-colour jokes about ‘Welcome To Country’ and ‘Intergenerational Trauma’ – before straightening up and nodding to the comments made by the No Campaign’s two Indigenous ambassadors.

The Adelaide NO rally follows a nightmare week for the campaign’s two Indigenous faces, as Jacinta Price recovers from her mind-bending comments that colonisation has only had positive impacts on her hometown of Alice Springs, and Warren Mundine destroyed his chances of a being parachuted into a Liberal Senate seat by going off script on ABC insiders and telling the world that he supports changing the date of Australia Day and installing treaties with Aboriginal people.

However, their message couldn’t have been clearer at yesterday’s rally, and that is ‘don’t change anything, because everything is fine’.

Yesterday, of all days, was an interesting time to hold a political rally that aims to protect the status quo – as a record spell of September heat saw temperatures as much as 18 degrees Celsius above average right across the country.

It seems that burning fossil fuels at an accelerated rate for 200 hundred years might be resulting in the now undeniable and very measurable climate change that 99.9% of the world’s scientists had predicted would take place over two decades ago, before they were accused of being leftie communists by the same no-voting baby boomers who do not want to make even the slightest changes in the way energy is delivered to 50 inch TV screens that delivers Sky News directly to their reactionary minds.

A total fire ban is in place across vast parts of the Eastern seaboard, as well as the Far South Coast where 20 local schools are closed for the day due to the extreme fire danger.


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