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The world’s most most beloved regime toppling organisation has today been forced to deny allegations that it is behind the death of another international leader.

The Capitalism Intervention Agency (CIA) is desperately trying to hose down claims that it is behind the demise of Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi, Iran’s foreign minister and others.

America’s number one regime rolling agency has been accused of jamming a CIA lanyard into the tail rotor of the President’s helicopter, causing the crash.

Allegations they’ve rolled another national leader stem from the CIA’s storied history of organising assassinations, coups, and regime changes all over the world – from Indonesia to Cyprus to Chile – to make sure those nation’s fell in line with interests of America’s largest corporations.

The Iranian figures were found dead at the site of a helicopter crash today, after flying back from a meeting with neighbouring Azerbaijani leaders over a co-funded infrastructure project.

The crash has been blamed on poor weather and outdated helicopters – with the attempts to gloss over the lanyard planting.

It comes not long after Iran launched drone strikes at Israel, most of which were shot down.

It also follows a long history of Iran being an influential figure in the region, spearheading the ‘Axis of Resistance’ against the West and their allies.

The controversial figure has also seen an amping up of religious laws and conservatism in the country, arguably a result of the CIA rolling a democratically elected socialist Iranian leader in the 1950s because he brought in sweeping social security and land reforms, and nationalised the Iranian oil industry.

That obviously didn’t sit well with a certain superpower who likes to control the economic lay of the land, who then installed a favourable regime that cracked down on dissent and education and has arguably ultimately lead to the deterioration of the political landscape of Iran to the point where it is a ‘theocratic republic.’

The Iranian tale is a familiar one around the world, with the US pretending to be surprised by hardline conservative populist leaders who hold a growing resentment to the West popping up in places where they’ve orchestrated regime change in the past.

It’s unknown what the US plans to do after rolling this latest leader, with Iran a little bit more off limits than the like of Indonesia whose resources they divvied up after orchestrating the killing of a socialist president and over a million Indonesians in the 60s.

More to come.


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