Manchester City, a club with a financial stockpile rivaling that of small nations, has miraculously clinched yet another Premier League title, while spending the same amount of money that Montenegro did on their military this decade.

As jubilant City fans took to the streets to celebrate their team’s triumph, many couldn’t help but marvel at what a miracle it is for City to have won 4 premier league titles in a row. 

“I don’t believe it,” said Gareth Fowler (47).

“This club has come such a long way.”

“Who would have thought that a club with unlimited resources and the financial backing of oil-rich oligarchs could possibly come out on top in a league where financial fair play rules are often ignored” the Manchester local lamented with a tear in his eye.

Despite their big pockets and seemingly limitless resources, City fans are quick to point out that their success is down to much more than just money. 

“It’s all about the culture and the ethos of the club,” insisted one die-hard supporter.

“Our players genuinely love the city of Manchester and would never dream of leaving for a bigger paycheque elsewhere. Our club is steeped in tradition unlike that United lot”

As Manchester City plans its parade through the streets of Manchester, there’s a sense of disbelief among many football fans who still can’t believe spending billions over a decade could result in success in kicking around a ball. 


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