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“Argh! We’ve got no run” / “We keep missing shots” / “We’ll never win a final playing like this.”

These depressed phrases and more were shouted by St Kilda Saints member, Jarred Dempsey (42), from the Shane Warne Stand at the MCG on Saturday.

While everyone around him quietly hated the guy for his incessant negativity, Dempsey was there to watch his beloved Saints play in an elimination final against GWS, a game he knew from the start they’d lose.

“Stop farting around with handballs and just kick the bloody thing!” He yelled in an extremely negative way.

“Jesus we can’t tackle anything / How can you miss from there?!”

Like he had done all year, Dempsey spent the whole 120 minutes yelling the most gruesomely negative things at the team he supposedly loves. Even when the team did something good.

“Oh great you finally kicked a goal for once you idiot!”

The Advocate can report that his loud negativity became a self-fulfilling prophecy for his team, as the mighty Saints’ season came to an abrupt end after going down to GWS like the losers Dempsey loves to tell them they are.

However, this was not an isolated incident. It can be reported that Saints fans are perhaps the most negative fans of all, even worse than Hawthorn supporters, as each weekend tens of thousands of Jarred Dempseys can be heard screaming out extremely negative sentiments to their players, no matter if the team is up by 50 points or down by 50.

And after years of negative vitriol slung at them by their supposed fan base, this has led the players themselves to subconsciously internalise the belief that they’re a no good bunch of losers who will never win a final again.

It is this gross negativity from fans that reportedly lost them the 2009 GF against the Cats. And then in 2010, even with the better team they could only manage a draw and then the inevitable loss against the Pies, such was their lack of belief.

However, despite now knowing that positive reinforcement will help their team win more games, Dempsey can’t seem to help himself.

“Of course the boys can’t handle a bit of honest feedback. Typical gutless wonders.”

The Advocate can confirm that it seems like Dempsey wants his team to lose.

More to come.


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