THE TORTURED PUNTERS DEPARTMENT: In scenes not witnessed since the Foo Fighters last played Suncorp, Brisbane is absolutely heaving with suburban Dads wearing cargo shorts, it can be confirmed.

With the city hosting not one, not two, but eight high octane games of spine busting Rugby League this weekend, it’s believed over 150,000 middle aged blokes have flooded into BrisVegas for the world’s biggest bucks party.

“How’s the atmosphere aye, the place is a zoo!” one Townsville man Wayne Lilyman told The Advocate.

“It’s like a footy carnival on steroids!” he said, after pulling a fresh Hawaiian shirt from its plastic sleeve and dressing himself for the day.

In a serendipitous turn of events, it’s believed most of the proud fathers parading around Caxton St today actually brokered permission to attend Magic Round after spending February suffering through Taylor Swift-mania, where they carted the ball the hard yards and withstood waves of shrieking teenage girls.

Given many were forced to fly from all corners of the country to attend sold out shows in either Sydney or Melbourne, it’s believed many have cashed in their brownie points to go on a massive bender in between watching 640 minutes of Rugby League – which may just cost them less cash all up.

“Mate I had to fly from Townsville to Melbourne to take my two daughters Gordyn and Tallis to Taylor Swift, I spent the whole night freezing my nips off outside the MCG,” Wayne told our reporter.

“But I knew back then exactly what I was doing, buying myself a weekend to cut loose with a few old team mates from the Bowen Seagulls. Last night I got to chew the ears off Dane Carlaw and Shaun Berrigan inside The Cacko.”

While there’s no friendship bracelets or slicked buns in this crowd, the punters say that there could very well be a just as many tears and group hugs throughout this 3 day stadium spectacular!

“This is my Era tour!”


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