In big news for the predominantly monocultural game of Aussie Rules, it appears that the Apple Isle of Tasmania will be granted the 19th AFL team licence after being unanimously endorsed by the existing 18 clubs.

Yesterday, The presidents reportedly took less than 20 minutes on Tuesday to reach complete agreement over the decision to add a Tasmanian team to the competition, adding an trendy and avant-garde Hobart flavour to their predominantly Melbourne-based competition.

AFL Chief Gillon McLachlan is in Hobart to make the official announcement today, alongside his successor Andrew Dillon, who was unveiled as the AFL’s new CEO on Monday.

It a jam-packed week for the AFL, the unveiling of a Tasmanian team cements a legacy for McLachlan, who will stay for a transition period until October.

As it stands, the AFL will now have to fight Warner Brothers for the rights to name the club the ‘Tassie Devils’ – as they struggle to compete with the pre-existing Looney Tunes character.

However, McLachlan and the Tasmanian football powerbrokers behind the bid remained committed to the ‘Devils’ brand, especially given the possibility of promoting a cross-Bass Strait rivalry with the Melbourne Demons.

“We are very interested in the idea of a ‘Satanic Derby’ between the Demons and the new Tassie Devils, if everything goes to plan” said McLachlan in Hobart today.

“Tasmania isn’t just some backwater island full of cider-drinking hicks anymore. It’s actually quite edgy”

“The dream would be that the first match Tasmania Devils plays to be against the Demons on a blood-soaked oval in the middle of Dark Mofo”

“That would be so Tassie”

DARK MOFO, the trendy Satanic deep-winter festival at the centre Hobart’s most recent arty rebrand, takes place on the coldest month of the year – and showcases hundreds of shocking artistic performances gracing the once boring Southern port.

However, after over a decade of operations, Dark Mofo is yet to incorporate sport into any of their line ups.

“We could have the punters drinking blood-coloured lager” said McLachlan.

“Maybe a half time show by Slayer or Black Sabbath”

“It’d be a good first match. Bring on The Inaugural Satanic Derby”


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