A young man from NSW’s fabled Northern Rivers has confirmed that he’s still recovering today, after a quite a large weekend.

The young free spirt who has an on and off again relationship with employment confirmed to The Advocate that Nimbin’s Mardi Grass festival has really taken it out of him.

“Brother, what a fucking weekend,” laughed the man who goes by the name of Brayden Hills.

“They only thing that would make it better, is if we freed this mutha fucking herb man,” said Hills, who walked around with a sandwich bag of weed for the 96 permafried hours he spent in Nimbin.

His comments come in the wake of the 32nd Annual Mardi Grass, which takes place in the town dubbed the ‘marijuana capital of the country.’

Driven by a bunch of eccentric locals, the colourful festival attracts thousands of revellers from all over Australia and overseas.

On top of clouding the town with an abnormally thick haze of smoke, the world’s most peaceful event features everything from a bong toss to a Cannabis Law Reform Protest/Rally.

And according to Brayden, those kind of rallies make Mardi Gras so much more than just a festival to get grilled with like minded people.

“Bro, it’s a political movement man. It’s about so much more than just the Hemp Olympix,” he said.

“We can’t rest until we legalise Cannabis,” said Hills, who is seemingly unaware that he had a commercial quantity of weed on him for the entire weekend and not a single soul really gave a fuck.

“This fucking fascist state is trying to control us man, and we need to take back our rights,” continued the state-bankrolled fun-employed man who has been free to do whatever he wants all weekend.

“It’s time to legalise this shit,” he finished, echoing the sentiments of a rapidly growing number of the population.

More to come.


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