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Nathan Jones has surprised his girlfriend this afternoon by referencing the United States Constitution instead of answering her simple question.

It’s believed Bridget Watts, Nath’s girlfriend, simply asked him how the buck’s party was that he is attending.

It’s believed that at this point he chose to call upon his limited, if not only, knowledge of the US Constitution and invoked his right to the Fifth Amendment.

“I plead the fifth” said a brain-dead Nathan.

After getting over the initial shock of her boyfriend’s idiocy, Bridget became frustrated that her partner would not share any details and asked him again.

“Babe, come on, just tell me how it is?”

Like a steel bank vault under attack, Nathan doubled his defences and again invoked his right to the Fifth Amendment.

“I plead the fifth”

Fed up with her boyfriend, Bridget hung up.

The Advocate managed to catch Bridget while she was walking around the block.

“What is he even on about? We don’t live in America, he has no amendment rights, the constitution doesn’t apply to him!” said an irate Bridget.

“I didn’t even care that much when I asked him, but now it’s like he has something to hide”

It’s not yet known what Bridget’s next course of action is, but she’ll have plenty of time to put it in action as her lump of a boyfriend still remains in the US.

More to come. 


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