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Local man, Jim Sampson, has impressed his friends this evening after publicly declaring that he has dinner and isn’t going to drink any more pints, instead opting to only drink schooners for the next few rounds.

The announcement was followed by a chorus of praise from Jim’s friends, commending him for being so mature and responsible.

“Mate, Jess is lucky to have you”

“Nah, good on you though”

Although Jim did want to stay at the pub with his friends, he silenced the voice in his head, ignored his friend and dragged himself to dinner with Jess – making it only 20 minutes late to their original reservation.

Reports from the scene say that Jim might have been better off staying at the pub, as he wasn’t in a great state at the dinner.

It’s not yet known whether Jess has forgiven him, however, friends of Jim later told The Advocate that he was well and truly in trouble after his slip-up and as a result has given up drinking for Lent.

More to come.


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