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Popping back into the limelight to check if people still hate him, former PM Malcolm Turnbull has taken the first terrifying step in a trend known as ‘former-PMs-who-won’t-fuck-off’ by appearing in a BBC interview to talk about the time he tried to move his car long after it had been towed.

During the interview, Turnbull recounted an incident where he and his wife Lucy Turnbull parked their Rolls Royce hybrid in a no parking zone while visiting a hatted restaurant only rich people are allowed to know about.

“It was just meant to be a quick one, three courses maximum,” stated Turnbull.

“It was during one of the spills, my wife Lucy and I were stressed.”

Although aware that the situation was dire, Turnbull chose to do nothing about his parked car until he was asked to leave the restaurant and found it had already been towed.

Staring at the empty spot where his car once was, Turnbull maintained that he had always been a big supporter of moving his car and that he hoped to do so now, even as it was on its way to a tow yard.

“Moving my car is the future of Australia, nothing has changed in that regard.”

Luckily for Mr and Mrs Turnbull, they were able to find a late night Mercedes Benz dealer who sold them a car for the drive home.

“And I named that car ‘The Party Line’ so if that gets towed I can shout ‘They’re towing The Party Line!’ and everyone will laugh.”

More to come.


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