The PR nightmares surrounding Britain’s royal family have continued today, with fresh claims about yet ANOTHER doctored photo.

With Princess Kate Middleton avoiding the limelight for the last few months, the rumour mill has gone into overdrive in regards to her whereabouts.

Recovering from abdominal surgery had been the reason offered up as to her lack of appearance in public for the last few months.

Tensions around her whereabouts were then heightened after a doctored photo was released to the public, and then immediately ‘killed’ by the Palace.

The frenzy then went into overdrive this week after she was ‘spotted’ out with her husband – with many on the internet claiming that the Palace was using a body double to try and calm the situation down.

Now things have gotten even spicier with internet slueths discovering a clearly digitally altered photograph of the Prince and Princess.

The image in question which was released earlier today features a very yoked Prince Will and a quite buxom looking Kate, who appears as though she may have had another surgery whilst getting her abdomen sorted out.

Less than 10 minutes after being sent out by the PR machine at the Palace, a kill order was sent out to all media companies to remove the image.

However, given our frosty relationship with the palace The Advocate has refused to take the image down.

A Royal Expert from South Betoota Polytechnic’s Royal Society confirmed this afternoon the concerning nature of the new photo.

“Obviously William likes to look after himself, but this most recent photo makes it appear as though he’s done a cycle and had surgery in Turkey,” she said.

“It’s a very very bad look.”

“And Kate has quite a slender frame, as you will note from literally all of her previous photos.”

“I mean, maybe she did have some work done over the break, but given Will’s fresh head of hair and WB IFF (or whatever they call it) looking pipes, I think it’s fair to say that someone’s taken a few liberties with photoshops.”

“They veins are very poorly done too, I must note.”

The Royal Family is not speaking to us, so is understandably not available for comment.

More to come.


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