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An iconic rock god from the late 80s has tonight found himself admiring his thousand-strong crowd after they were able to hit a pitch-perfect low C note, all in complete unison without any rehearsal.

The miracle happened following the artist announcing that he was going to play a few tracks off his new album.

“Alright, Betoota! Who’s having a good time?”

“These next few tracks are from a new album I’ve been working on, I hope you like them”

At this point the crowd emitted the sound, which can best be described as a long groan.

“Uggggghhhhhh” a thousand people harmonised.

It’s believed that the musician went on to play at least 5 songs from his new album, effectively taking up all of the remaining time on his set list, the time allocated for his more popular and anticipated tracks.

The Advocate sat down with the rock god after the show to see how he thought the show went.

“Who knew this town was so talented?”

“Did you hear that out there? That was a pitch perfect low C”


It’s not clear how the rock god thought the groan was positive, perhaps the two-decade long rock & roll lifestyle is having more of an effect on his brain capacity than originally thought.

More to come.


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