Premier Gladys Berejiklian hit back at reports from the predatory Daily Telegraph hacks this morning that her relationship with Daryl Maguire made her a target of Chinese intelligence agencies.

This follows today’s ICAC findings that her ex ran a cash-for-visas scheme involving Chinese nationals, which Ms Berejiklian has denied any knowledge of because she didn’t listen to anything that dumb bushie ever said unless it was in regards to when he was next coming to Sydney for a visit.

“I say to that that’s complete rubbish. As the Premier of state, I pass security clearances that nobody else has to pass” said

She then went on to drill the journalists who wanted to keep asking questions about her ex, all the while showing off her best angles in the glowing LED light she had brought with her on to the Macquarie Street press conference.

The NSW Premier has recently been dubbed ‘Hot Mess Gladys’ by her growing army of chaotic Sydney girls, who identify strongly with her recent boy troubles – and the all that mess that comes with it, like yesterday, when she spilt a berry smoothie all over the centre console of her Suzuki Swift.

Many female voters sight Berejiklian’s ability to openly talk about being let down by a deadshit bloke, and the drama it has caused her, as an appealing attribute in a COVID-time leader.

One thing that has also resonated with the electorate is the Premier’s recent ‘glow up’ – now that she is moving on from the corrupt former MP she used to call numero uno.

Yesterday it was also revealed that Gladys had maxed out her credit card on PE Nation activewear, and had impulsively signed up to a 12 month F45 contract.

Today, knowing full well that she would have to address questions about her ex, the NSW Premier unfolded a selfie ring, to help get the best light on her best angles.

“You must not know bout me” she told journalists.

“Ok Channel 9 can you bring the camera round over here. “

“No no no. To the left, to the left. To the left, to the left”

“Anyway. Now that my angles are sorted. No I’m not worried about today’s findings”

“I won’t lose a wink of sleep. ‘Cause the truth of the matter is…”

“I’m the Premier. Not this disgraced former MP”


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