Prime Minister Scott Morrison has today experienced one of the worst forms of temporary pain – a brain freeze.

The unfortunate event happened when the Head Of Marketing was trying to market himself to some Queenslanders he hopes will vote for Deb Fregleton (? copy editors can you please check this????)

Trying to do his best knockabout bloke impression with a couple of high paid construction employees who don’t really care about the border situation, the big fella tried to skull the first half of his Milton Mango.

Unfortunately, the cold beer gave him one of those stinging headaches your mum always warns you about.

Wincing, but trying to pretend someone hadn’t just stuck a needle into the frontal part of his brain, Morrison then stumbled on with some lines about Annastacia not being up to the job and hurting Queenslanders.

“Geez, Deb’s the way to go up here I reckon fellas,” said the Prime Minister who is pretending not to be all-out campaigning for the LNP in Queensland while the country is in a middle of a pandemic.

“Haha, she loves the Maroons too! How good are they going.”

“You fellas love prawns up here too? You suck the heads out of em here don’t ya,” he laughed, to the confused onlookers who weren’t sure if it was actually a funny joke, or his education in Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs seeping through.

“Haha go on, I’ll suck one of the heads out then”

The conversation then died, he shook everyone’s hands, posed for a photo, and left.


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