The embattled Premier of NSW has this afternoon decided to turn things around, and get her life back on track.

After a few days of drama, and people trying to cause shit because of her personal life (which may or may not result in her being kicked out of office because of an ICAC inquiry) Berejiklian impulsively just signed up to a 12-month contract with F45.

“Fuck it, honestly, whatever,” she said to The Advocate this afternoon, following another tough day as a result of her five-year thing with fuck boy Daryl Maguire.

“A couple of the other girls do F45, and I’m just gonna join the family,” said the rebounding inner-city resident about the exorbitantly priced HIIT franchise.

“And Keiran didn’t exactly talk me out of it,” laughed the Premier in her head to toe brand spanking new PE Nation outfit.

The Premier said she just felt like a bit of a splurge this arvo.

“It’s been a week,” she sighed.

“I actually hate all bullshit and I can’t deal with all this drama, so I treated myself to some new activewear,” said the Premier, explaining the damage she just did to her credit card.

‘That’s next week’s problem. Haha, why am I like this,”

“I’m so off it,” she laughed.

It’s believed she then set about sorting out re-downloading the Bumble app she deleted last night.


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