“Oh great” Gladys Berejiklian mutters to herself, as she pulls her matte pink 2013 Suzuki Swift on Penshurst road.

“Good stuff, babes. Love that for me.”

As was expected, the New South Wales Premier’s week has only gotten worse.

What was once a mixed berry and sorbet pre-trainer smoothie, is now a $60 interior detail at Crystal Car Wash Chatswood.

After being cut off by a cab driver on her commute home, Gladys is now standing on the roadside in the middle of her electorate, attempting to clean what she can from the centre console with some make up wipes she had in her gym bag.

It’s only Tuesday, so who knows if this is as bad as it’s gonna get for Gladys. But, after after a gruelling 24 hours that has seen her boy troubles aired out in front of her frenemies during the ICAC inquiries into the corrupt dealings of her former BF Daryl Maguire MP – this just tops it all off.

After having to 1, admit she was seeing the disgraced former member of Wagga, and 2, admit she kept it secret because she knew he was no good – the Premier just literally can’t with this week.

As was announced in a shock press conference yesterday afternoon, Gladys Berejiklian MP will be standing down from dating any more fuckboys in the future – effective immediately.

However, as the North Shore traffic begins to build up inches away from her parked vehicle, her hazard lights appear to be doing no good in stopping the close calls.

The Premier was almost resigned to getting back in her car and driving straight to the car wash in a seat full of spilt smoothie… That was until she saw the all black dual cab Hilux pull over to help.

The automatic window on the passenger side slowly unwinds, as Gladys leans into to see a bulging sleeve tattoo, and to an equally handsome face.

“You need any help, babe?” booms the bearded gentleman’s voice.

“I got a strap if you need a tow”

The Premier swoons. He continues

“The name’s Moey. I’m just on my way to mum’s in Greenacre, but can take you home first if you need that”

“What’s your name, gorgeous?”

It seems the Premier’s new resolution to avoid fuckboys might already be getting tested.



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