Stephanie Fields had been spending her Saturday afternoon mucking around on her laptop when she heard mum had to whip out to run some errands.

In the midst of watching 2013 vine compilation videos, Steph had been instructed to get the chicken out of the freezer and had distractedly assured her mother that she would.

Two hours later, and now into the deep bowels of the internet, Steph was momentarily pulled from her descent into the YouTube rabbit hole when she heard an all familiar hum of an engine.

“I was so scared,” says Steph, re-living the moment.

“I had one thing to do and I completely forgot.”

“Mum’s had a really stressful week and I couldn’t even get the chicken out? I knew she’d be really mad.”

Steph says she instantly rushed to the freezer and attempted to run the chicken under some hot water to quicken the thawing process.

Knowing her mother had a load of groceries to take in, Steph reveals the few minutes were critical.

“I had to toss up between helping her get the shopping bags in or getting the chicken out.”

“I chose the chicken.”

In an act of desperation, Steph says she ended up shoving the whole chicken in the microwave and let it cook for a solid thirty seconds.

She reckons that this might have been what got her in the clear.

“I had to run it under cold water again so mum didn’t realise how hot it was,” says Steph.

“But I think it did the trick because she didn’t say anything.”

Unfortunately for Steph, her family all had a bout of explosive diarrhea later that evening.

Steph’s mum is now reportedly taking to Cole’s Facebook page to complain about their ‘dodgy chicken.’

More to come.


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