Under fire celebrity chef George Calombaris has today confided that it’s not all doom and gloom.

“Look, even though I’ve been made to pay my employees what I was legally supposed to pay them and everything has come crumbling down, at least I’m not as fucked as the National Party,” he said.

With his 12 MAdE restaurants and eateries going into administration this week and the prospect of 2020 without that MasterChef coin very real, George said his finding solace in the little things.

“I mean obviously it would be nice to be getting a cushy six-figure salary with a stack of perks regardless of whether you do your job or not, but at least my closing food empire isn’t as in dire straits as the Nats.”

His comments come as the party supposed to represent regional Australians and average farmers rather than multinational resources companies and big irrigators rorting the flawed system continues to cannibalise itself in front of the nation.

With Barnaby Joyce agitating like a 5’8 bloke off the back of a few rum and cokes and the rest of the party undermining each other behind closed doors, in front of open doors and in the parliament, Calombaris said sometimes it’s best to hard reset everything and start again.

“That’s what I’m doing. Obviously, after I’ve squirrelled away whatever I can into trusts and different bank accounts that can’t be touch by administrators,” Calombaris said.

“Maybe, they should just turn the Nats off at the wall and start again.”

“Something to think about anyway.”


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