Local Tigers fan, Darren McNeil (30) has found solace in his team’s recent downturn in performance, believing it to be a necessary correction to restore balance to the universe after a moment of success at the start of the season.

As a lifelong supporter of the perpetually struggling rugby league team, Darren has grown accustomed to the familiar cycle of fleeting hope to disappointment to straight out apathy. So when the Tigers unexpectedly notched up a couple of wins at the beginning of the season, Darren couldn’t help but feel a sense of unease creeping over him.

“At first, I was cautiously optimistic,” Darren confessed.

“Lot’s of talk about the Benji Marshall era and how we were slowly rebuilding and all that”

“But deep down, I knew it was only a matter of time before the universe corrected this and brought us back to our rightful place at the bottom of the ladder.”

“Honestly there’s something quite beautiful about it all.”

Darren is not alone in this, many tigers supporters can’t help but feel a sense of perverse satisfaction, as if the universe had personally intervened to set things right. 

“It’s all part of the grand cosmic dance,” Darren declared.

“And as long as the Tigers keep losing, I’ll know that balance has been restored to the universe.”


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