A Betoota Heights woman has today confirmed to her Instagram followers and Facebook friends that she has been caught up in a Pyramid Scheme.

The confirmation comes not in the form of a verbal admission, but in the medium of a 7th healthy living themed post in the last week.

Bethany Matterson’s (24) explosive return into people’s social media feeds initially raised eyebrows, with many of her schoolmates and distant relatives just assuming she’d jumped into a health kick.

However, the 7th post in a short period of time involving either the gym or supplements and vitamins has revealed to all who know the Account Manager at a bespoke firm in Betoota’s Old City District that she has taken on a side hustle with residual income.

“Fuck, she’s in a Multi-Layered Marketing scheme,” cringed one of her close early childhood friends.

“That amount of fitspo, that dedication to a gym routine involving shit like deadlifts, that inspirational tone on her socials can only mean that.”

“It’s good to know though, it means I can avoid clicking into the message she inevitably sends,” the school friend laughed.

Despite the near concrete evidence of the buying into a side hustle with the promise of luxury cars and frequent getaways, Matterson told The Advocate she wasn’t sure what we were on about.

“I’m not in a pyramid scheme, I’m in a network-marketing program with shared profits and strong opportunities to progress up the ladder,” said the defensive local woman.

“It’s a really exciting business with some great product that I can vouch for.”

“Seriously, you should try it, I can get you a sample now if you’d like?”


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