With measures ramping up to control the spread of coronavirus, increasing numbers of people are being required to self-isolate in Australia.

Those who have returned from overseas, or those who have been exposed to someone who has tested positive to COVID-19 are being told to stay home or in a state-provided hotel for 14 days. No maybes, ifs or buts.

While self-isolation is not the same as the social distancing measures being directed to those who are allowed to go to work or the shops, but both do involve a lot of time at home.

It’s because of these new lock down measures that TV networks are experiencing the very unfamiliar sensation of ‘high ratings’ – as Australians churn through streaming services and occasionally change channels from ABC News.

Channel 7 have responded to this new boost in relevance by getting the gang back together.

And by the gang – we mean a cameraman, a soundman and the goat of lifestyle television: Uncle Ernie.

While enjoying a semi-retirement from television, Ernie Dingo hasn’t been seen on screen since Redfern Now, and a couple seasons of Mystery Road last year.

But that’s set to change with the Seven Networks new Logie-tip The Great Indoors.

The new COVID-19-themed programme will follow Ernie has he tries out all of the wild and wonderful things that Aspirational Australians can enjoy while locked inside in these uncertain times.

Episode one features Ernie trying his best to finish a 2000-piece jigsaw puzzle without swearing on primetime television.

The second episode shows him teaching himself how to play Red Dead Redemption 2 on a Sony Playstation.

On episode three, he attempts to bake a loaf of sourdough- all in the backdrop of neighbours attempting to talk to him about when he reckons the AFL will be back on.

Ernie Dingo says he’s excited to see how Australians react to a lifestyle TV programme that doesn’t send him to Uluru every six episodes.

It is believed Channel 9 will also be launching a rip-off self-isolation show with one of the Daddo brothers. Production has already begun under the working title is of ‘Hideaway’.



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