In a sign of the strange times we live in, the two major political parties have put down their guns on a major policy issue and decided to work together.

This comes after Labor vowed to pass the government’s JobKeeper Bill, even if their requested changes were denied.

The Federal Government says the JobKeeper bill is designed to keep 6 million Australians employed as measures to suppress the virus continue to crush the economy, and includes 130 billion dollars in wage subsidies.

In a rare show of bipartisanship not seen since the whole ‘Stop The Boats’ thing, the two parties have come together to actually do their job – which is serving the nation and the people they represent.

Instead of bickering and infighting in cheap attempts to score political points and ensure their parliamentary careers last for as long as possible, the two major parties have put their heads together to try and best work through these most difficult of times.

“Fuck, how weird. Labor and Liberal coming together to work for the best interests of the nation,” said one spokesperson today.

“Incredible what can be achieved when they stop being drama queens and put their heads together.”

“My god, these are uncertain times. Maybe they could do that going forward. Like, work for the people that they represent instead of stroking egos and working on nest eggs.”

Both major parties have refused to comment on whether they will do that after this is all said and done.


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