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As the iconic Vivid Festival is set to light up Sydney once again, it’s alleged it’s not just the human residents who are excited about the dazzling displays but also the city’s moth population, as entomologists report a worrying uptake in the nocturnal insects descending into the harbour city.

Held in May and June every year, Vivid Festival is the world’s largest festival of ‘lights, music and ideas’, and offers both the perfect activity for families who are sick of going to the movies, and blokes in need of a creative date idea.

However a local entomologist warns this year’s festival is set to be plagued by an alarmingly large number of moths, who likely see this event as ‘their Grand Final.’

“There’s a lot of strange moth action at the moment”, explains Dr. Joe Gresham, who originally wanted to study the behaviour of butterflies but didn’t have the grades, “we anticipate roughly 50,000 of them to be here by Friday.”

“They’re migrating especially for the event.”

Gresham says the festival organisers were warned beforehand not to go ‘overboard with the white light’, as moths are especially attracted to that wavelength.

“Like they’re actually sexually attracted to it”, Gresham adds with emphasis.

“Come Friday, it’s going to be a moth orgy.”

More to come.


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