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A Perth bloke has suddenly found himself very popular this week, after letting it slip that he was in possession of a Dexedrene prescription – also known affectionately as ‘dexies.’

Liam Haversham, a 24 year old accountant from Perth, is said to have finally received a diagnosis after being on a three month waitlist to see an ADHD specialist, and forking out roughly $1500 for the privilege of doing so.

But now that Liam has them in his sweet little hands, he’s suddenly found himself more popular than a school kid with a pack of Hubba Bubba.

The Advocate speaks to Liam to learn more about how he went from a Nigel no friend, to one of the most in demand blokes in Western Australia.

“Yeah it’s weird, everyone seems to be really interested in my Dexedrine”, says Liam, “guess there’s a lot of people with diagnosed ADHD out there.”

“They must just be on the long waitlist like I was.”

Liam says he’s been sharing some of his medication through the goodness of his own heart, but says it seems to have a ‘different effect’ on other people.

“They get all excited and shit, and get like, hyperactive?”

“Maybe I’m on a strong dose.”

More to come.


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