Leading No campaigner Nyunggai Warren Mundine has sensationally changed his position on the upcoming Indigenous Voice to Parliament Referendum, after today realising just how easy it is for Aboriginal people to moved to the bottom of the pile.

In his long-awaited National Press Club address, Mundine made a number of points that could have easily been relayed into tonight’s nightly news updates – that’s if there wasn’t something else happening in the world that the the political class and media viewed as more important than the lives and self-determination of Aboriginal people.

Mr Mundine took his opportunity to voice his objections to the constitutionally enshrined Voice to Parliament.

In what appeared to be a well-prepared address to the nation, it was a shame that Mundine’s moment in the spotlight was immediately followed by the resignation of Victorian Premier Dan Andrews.

In news that is of far less importance to the future of this country than this upcoming referndum, Dan Andrews has revealed he will stand down as Premier from 5pm tomorrow.

With no real scandal, or ripple affects from this announcement – Andrews has made it clear that he’s just feeling like it’s time to move on from this role.

He will be replaced by another white man who probably looks like him.

However, as Warren Mundine has learnt today, Dan Andrews’ mid-life career change will dominate headlines for the next week – and completely drown out any conversations around the referendum – both supporters and opponents.

In fact, it’s almost like Warren Mundine should’ve just not bothered getting out of bed today, and stayed in the Canberra hotel room that Gina Rhinehart has paid for.

Because whatever he has to say to the powers the be will be ignored while everyone focuses on something else that isn’t quite as important as the rates of Indigenous disadvantage.

It is believed that this unintended but historically expected silencing of an Indigenous voice has led Warren Mundine to realise that maybe a constitutionally enshrined Indigenous Voice to Parliament might not be a bad idea, given the fact that even he – as a right-wing media darling – can be completely ignored to make way for a new story that they find more interesting.

With both the AFL and NRL grand final on this weekend, Warren can expect to not receive one phone call from any TV or news producers until at least Wednesday next week, when the news cycle experiences a lull that forces the nation to reluctantly reengage with Indigenous issues.


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