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A member of Betoota’s Prestigious Royal Betoota Golf Club has this weekend had an interesting change of tune.

Famous for advocating for the golden days where you could apparently say and do anything you wanted, Grahame Baggley has now decided that it shouldn’t be open slater on freedom of speech and expression.

Baggley has taken to his circles at the golf club, the comment’s sections of social media, and family group chats to voice his disdain at the recent ‘defamation’ of Gina Rinehart.

The retired accountant from our Betoota Grove has been quite vocal over the last few days about the ‘hit job’ on Gina.

“That portrait is disgraceful,” said Baggley, in reference to Vincent Namatjira’s painting of Australia’s richest woman.

“Gina has every right to demand that the painting be taken down,” continued the bloke who has been an avid anti-cancel-culture warrior over the last few years.

The National Gallery of Australia, the Federal Arts Minister and the majority of the nation has stood firm on the painting’s right to be displayed – with the Namatjira saying “he paints the world as he sees it,” whether people like it or not.

However, Grahame maintains that Gina has the right to not like it.

Despite mentioning multiple times a day that you can’t say anything these days without offending people, Grahame says this painting is different.

“It’s just a blatant hit job, not a light hearted joke like all of the things I say,” said Grahame.

“Sure all of the things I say are often deliberately inflammatory and offensive because I struggle to have relationships with my kids and wife, but they are just jokes at the end of the day.”

“This is different,” he said again, twitching slightly and refusing to elaborate on why it is ‘different.’


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