A couple of former leaders have finally gotten around to a much needed catch up!

One former a leader, a generally disliked man who lead his country further into the muck of politics to the detriment of the people he represented, has caught up with Donald Trump this week.

Scott Morrison, the aforementioned leader who brought shame upon his country, party and team of staffers, stopped in to see his idol Donald Trump.

With Trump facing multiple legal actions ahead of a US election, Scott Morrison decided to lend his very credible moral standing to the Presidential hopeful – by saying that the Real Estate mogul has been subject to ‘a pile on.’

It’s not known if Morrison believes that Trump has been subject to ‘a pile on,’ or is simply trying to schmooze the great schmoozer to ensure Trump keeps buttering his bread.

Fears have grown over recent times that if Trump is elected he may not honour the AUKUS pact.

The pact is responsible for thinks like 368 billion dollars for a handful of submarines to keep fuelling the fire of the military-industrial complex – and Scott Morrison’s lucrative consultancy gigs in the defence sector.

So, given Trump’s insinuations that he might not honour the pact that has made a handful of people very rich, Morrison is reportedly hoping to work his magic.

It’s unknown if the pair have anymore meetings, but Morrison is apparently still keen on getting his mate Brian Houston into The White House.

More to come.


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